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Set Up, Take Down & Support

Setting Up

Before your event our logistics team will liaise with you on the dates and times for your setup and take down. You can expect our Crew to arrive on the day and time agreed to efficiently and professionally erect the tents and interiors according to the agreed equipment list.


On arrival, the Crew Chief will need to meet you to agree the exact positioning of the tents, and finalise the position of doorways, and which sides should be up and which should be down taking account prevailing weather conditions. It’s really important for a successful day that this happens swiftly on arrival, as our crew can’t begin any work until the tents are positioned.


At the end of set up, our Crew Chief will conduct a series of final checks and will then be ready to handover the equipment to you. The Chief will go through the equipment list with you, double checking that everything is present and run through various points you will need to know.

Taking Down

After your event is over, you can expect our Crew to arrive on the day and at the time agreed, to efficiently take the tents down and remove everything from site.


To enable take down to proceed smoothly, we will ask you to ensure that any equipment that is not ours has been removed from the tents before we arrive. We will also ask you (or someone you nominate) to be available to speak to should there be any discrepancies with the stock check


Once we have cleared the site and loaded our vehicles, our Crew will walk the site to ensure that we leave the site clean and tidy.

On Site Support

If you want us to, we can provide a member of our Crew to be on site during your event. They can raise and lower sides of the tents as required, tend to fires and generally help out. As a matter of course, we will not leave someone on site unless you ask us to do so.


Damage Waiver

Standard arrangements when hiring any form of equipment is that the client is fully responsible for all loss or damage. With the value of our equipment on most jobs extending to many tens of thousands of pounds so it’s of course important that the equipment is properly insured.


Clients are welcome to arrange their own insurance but it is not always easy or cost effective for you to do so. In these cases we can offer a Damage Waiver in which is calculated at 3% of the equipment hire charge. Depending on the site (for example if the site is accessible by the public) we may require special security arrangements to be in place.


The Damage Waiver means that The Stunning Tents Company takes the risk of loss or damage to the equipment whilst it is in the client’s care, except that the client remains responsible for:


a) The first £500 of any loss or damage

b) Any loss or damage caused by the client’s negligence or legal liability

c) Any loss or damage caused by the client’s failure to adhere to any special security arrangements that have been agreed.


3D Animations


A series of 3D animations on the gallery page of this website help to visualise and appreciate the space inside the tents. Bespoke visualisations, specific to your event, can be commissioned making use of the extensive library of 3D objects we have already created. Specific quotes can be provided and the cost of this service depends on the complexity of the structure and its interior.


Difficult or Unusual Sites


We can’t achieve the impossible, but we do like a challenge. We have built our tipis over trees, we have incorporated old stone walls and flowerbeds inside several linked tents and we have built tents on a scaffolding platform over a lake. We have built tents in the tightest of spaces and if there’s a way to do it, we’ll find it.


Long Term Use


For periods of use extending to weeks or even months, we are always happy to discuss cost-effective solutions. Extended hire, sale with buyback, or outright sale are all possibilities depending on circumstances.