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Fireplaces & Heating

Open Fire

An open fire transforms the feeling inside the tents, creating a wonderful atmosphere, ambient heat and a delightful focal point.

The fireplace has to sit in the centre of the tent, so that smoke can escape through the smoke hole. When used sensibly an open fire is quite safe, but you must be happy to accept to use it responsibly. We supply virtually smokeless heatlogs to burn, firelighters and matches when you hire one of our fireplaces

Fire Bowls

Our rustic fire bowls can be used outside the tents to create a spectacular entrance or gathering point. We provide virtually smokeless heatlogs with our fire bowls as part of the rental.

External Heater

Whilst an open fire will provide some local heat, it is not enough to heat a tent on its own. For this purpose we provide external diesel powered heaters that sit outside the tent and duct warm air in under the bottom edge of the canvas. They are highly effective and will keep the tents warm on the coldest of days. They can run for at least 12 hours continuously without refuelling.