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Using specially designed equipment and new techniques, building much larger spaces from linked Giant Hats is now a reality. The most sophisticated parties, weddings with hundreds of guests, and corporate events, can all now benefit from the magic of our tipis.


Bespoke configurations can be designed to meet a specific brief, or you can take inspiration from some of the pre-defined arrangements:

The Firecracker™, 6 Giant Hats in a circle with a taller 7th tent in the centre. In this clever development of The Doughnut, a Giant Hat with longer main poles covers the central area giving a completely enclosed space. Building this for the first time was a eureka moment, opening up 30 metre wide structures of Giant Hats for the first time.


The Corona™, 18 Giant Hats in a circle. The Corona™ has complete flexibility of sides up and sides down on both its outer and inner edges. A horseshoe type arrangement can be achieved by leaving out 5 Giant Hats in one section of the structure.


The Spaceship™, 21 Giant Hats comprising of a number of our smaller structures lending itself to a conference or event where a number of different spaces are required for daytime and evening presentations and entertainment zones.


The Wheel™, 24 Giant Hats in two concentric circles, linked by 6 sections of walkway. Combining The Corona™ and The Doughnut, and linking the two structures with sections of tipi-coloured walkway, creates all sorts of possibilities with this truly spectacular configuration.


These, and many more, configurations can be seen in our floor plans gallery.