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We work happily with dozens of different Event Managers every year. Here are a few that know our tents well, and have put on spectacular events with them.

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Julia SIbun - Gloucestershire

Julia has a wealth of experience for organising and planning a multitude of different events for her clients from regional country shows to rare breed pig shows, from weddings to fiftieth birthdays, from christenings to funerals and from quiz nights to art exhibitions. Julia particularly enjoys the attention to detail of all her events and ensures that nothing is missed!

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Samira Stevenson - Surrey

As a lifestyle concierge. Samira can help organise every last detail of your event, whilst remaining professional, friendly and approachable. Based in Surrey, we have extensive experience and knowledge of both the Home Counties and London.

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Lillingston - London

Sophie and her team at Lillingston have pushed the boundaries with our tents like no-one else, creating truly spectacular, unique events. Working with Lillingston is fascinating and we are always looking forward to the next event.

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Snook Events - London

Henrietta and the team at Snook Events know our tents well. We like working with Snook Events as things are always well-managed and under control - and they have a flair for getting the best from our tents.

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